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05-02-2009, 22:12
:okappa PuTTY Ver. 0.60 [ENG] :okappa

PuTTY un client SSH, Telnet ed rlogin combinato con un emulatore di terminale.

una suite di software libero, originariamente disponibile solo per sistemi Microsoft Windows, ma in seguito anche per vari sistemi Unix e Unix-like. Esistono anche adattamenti non ufficiali per altri sistemi, ad esempio Symbian.

PuTTY concesso gratuitamente sotto licenza GNU GPL, ed il suo uso consentito anche all'interno di Aziende e per scopi commerciali. :brf


28-04-2013, 19:00
PuTTY ver 0.62 [ENG]

Aggiornamento ed ultima versione stabile

These features are new in beta 0.62 (released 2011-12-10):

Security fix: PuTTY no longer retains passwords in memory by mistake.
Bug fix: Pageant now talks to both new-style clients (0.61 and above) and old-style (0.60 and below).
Bug fix: PuTTY no longer prints a spurious "Access denied" message when GSSAPI authentication fails.
Bug fix: PSCP and PSFTP now honour nonstandard port numbers in SSH saved sessions.
Bug fix: Pageant no longer leaks a file handle when an authentication fails.
Bug fix: PuTTYtel no longer crashes when saving a session.
Bug fix: PuTTY now draws underlines under the underlined text instead of sometimes putting them somewhere off to the right.
Bug fix: PuTTY now should not draw VT100 line drawing characters at the wrong vertical offset.

These features were new in beta 0.61 (released 2011-07-12):

Kerberos/GSSAPI authentication in SSH-2.
Local X11 authorisation support on Windows. (Unix already had it, of course.)
Support for non-fixed-width fonts on Windows.
GTK 2 support on Unix.
Specifying the logical host name independently of the physical network address to connect to.
Crypto and flow control optimisations.
Support for the SSH-2 compression method.
Support for new Windows 7 UI features: Aero resizing and jump lists.
Support for OpenSSH AES-encrypted private key files in PuTTYgen.
Bug fix: handles OpenSSH private keys with primes in either order.
Bug fix: corruption of port forwarding is fixed (we think).
Bug fix: various crashes and hangs when exiting on failure.
Bug fix: hang in the serial back end on Windows.
Bug fix: Windows clipboard is now read asynchronously, in case of deadlock due to the clipboard owner being at the far end of the same PuTTY's network connection (either via X forwarding or via tunnelled rdesktop).