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05-02-2009, 22:12
:okappa PuTTY Ver. 0.60 [ENG] :okappa

PuTTY un client SSH, Telnet ed rlogin combinato con un emulatore di terminale.

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una suite di software libero, originariamente disponibile solo per sistemi Microsoft Windows, ma in seguito anche per vari sistemi Unix e Unix-like. Esistono anche adattamenti non ufficiali per altri sistemi, ad esempio Symbian.

PuTTY concesso gratuitamente sotto licenza GNU GPL, ed il suo uso consentito anche all'interno di Aziende e per scopi commerciali. :brf


28-04-2013, 19:00
PuTTY ver 0.62 [ENG]

Aggiornamento ed ultima versione stabile

These features are new in beta 0.62 (released 2011-12-10):

Security fix: PuTTY no longer retains passwords in memory by mistake.
Bug fix: Pageant now talks to both new-style clients (0.61 and above) and old-style (0.60 and below).
Bug fix: PuTTY no longer prints a spurious "Access denied" message when GSSAPI authentication fails.
Bug fix: PSCP and PSFTP now honour nonstandard port numbers in SSH saved sessions.
Bug fix: Pageant no longer leaks a file handle when an authentication fails.
Bug fix: PuTTYtel no longer crashes when saving a session.
Bug fix: PuTTY now draws underlines under the underlined text instead of sometimes putting them somewhere off to the right.
Bug fix: PuTTY now should not draw VT100 line drawing characters at the wrong vertical offset.

These features were new in beta 0.61 (released 2011-07-12):

Kerberos/GSSAPI authentication in SSH-2.
Local X11 authorisation support on Windows. (Unix already had it, of course.)
Support for non-fixed-width fonts on Windows.
GTK 2 support on Unix.
Specifying the logical host name independently of the physical network address to connect to.
Crypto and flow control optimisations.
Support for the [Only registered and activated users can see links] SSH-2 compression method.
Support for new Windows 7 UI features: Aero resizing and jump lists.
Support for OpenSSH AES-encrypted private key files in PuTTYgen.
Bug fix: handles OpenSSH private keys with primes in either order.
Bug fix: corruption of port forwarding is fixed (we think).
Bug fix: various crashes and hangs when exiting on failure.
Bug fix: hang in the serial back end on Windows.
Bug fix: Windows clipboard is now read asynchronously, in case of deadlock due to the clipboard owner being at the far end of the same PuTTY's network connection (either via X forwarding or via tunnelled rdesktop).